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For the launch of a new formulation and its new packaging for one of their leading medicines, used in replacement therapy for the treatment of thyroid diseases and disorders, Merck opted to be proactive in ensuring they had the infrastructure in place to handle an increased wave of patient enquiries. When it came to decision time, tango was leading the way on price. Our flexible CRM tool – developed entirely in-house – pushed us over the line to be chosen as Merck’s outsourced contact centre. Said tool is not only tailored to cater for Merck’s extensive and complex FAQ, which dynamically pushes only the most relevant portions to on-call agents, but also boasts a robust back end to cater for the demanding data collection and reporting requirements of Merck’s regional offices. The beauty of it was how it was brought to life in close cooperation with the client to fully respond to their needs. tango today handles all enquiries, but always with the knowledge that any escalations can be routed to Merck’s medical experts immediately. This service is a great example of how leaders in two distinctly diverse fields can join together to deliver a seamless, unified service.

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With the transition of digital terrestrial television broadcasting from DVB-T to DVB-T2 and the expected increase of incoming calls and enquiries from viewers, OiV decided to improve the quality of their customer service and reduce call-waiting times by engaging an external partner, tango. In addition to the best financial deal, tango also met the required level of expertise and technical competence.

The service will be available seven days a week during the DVB-T2 switch-on and DVB-T switch-off periods to help and guide viewers, providing for a seamless transition and ensuring viewers with the best digital terrestrial TV reception possible.

tango is also ready to assist viewers with technical questions regarding the fine tuning of their antenna systems, the reception of FM signals, and experimental DAB+ digital radio broadcasting.



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We are recruiting PHP Developer

 Job description:

Beside the skills you already possess, considering your study and interests, you will be actively participating in the everyday working processes, expected to make suggestions and advise.

This job is not one to develop upon received tasks and strict (or any) specifications, but a job where your creative and solution oriented mind will love every moment of. You will be discovering, along with our contact center team, the best solutions.

You will also help make a user friendly environment where calls in all languages and different clients will be easily logged, stored, deleted when needed, and reported on in all directions. Your input will be indispensable. You will be involved in the contact centre trainings and workshops and will be wanting to take or listen to the calls to actually see what the user experience is and what is the best way to create a knowledge base.

This job is not for everyone, it is only for you who likes working in the small team, making their user experience and excellent one. You who is not uniquely money driven, likes looking out of the box and prefers to be the one amongst the two instead one amongst hundred and two.

You who is not uniquely  into programing by a given pattern, by given specifications or given rules (until they are not set with you being involved),  but actually enjoying being an architect and builder on your own. In this role you will be the one to suggest specifications, participate in writing them and create something unique by listening and by embracing the desired “sketch”.

Our in-house CMP is under construction and we need your involvement. We love what we do, we like to spoil our clients, we love to spoil our employees who understand and embrace the way we do things. We need someone like you, with unique programing knowledge, but with similar spirit and eagerness. Someone who pushes, and not someone who needs to be pushed.

If you recognize yourself in this role, please apply.


- maintenance and upgrading of CMS systems and other business applications

- developing new applications

- full stack web development

- participating in the new set ups

- brainstorming with staff, listening or taking calls

- brainstorming with departments and suggesting solutions

Must have skills:

- advanced knowledge of object - oriented programming

- advanced knowledge of PHP programming language

- very good knowledge of the Laravel framework and experience in use (preferably version 5.3 or later)

- understanding of design patterns in design patterns and their application

- knowledge of Java Script + jQuery (bonus: the basics of newer JS frameworks such as Angular or Vue.js)

- knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server BP Management System (MSSQL)

- knowledge of HTML / CSS / SASS

- familiar with SVN or GIT code review system (bonus: Links to GitHub, Bit-bucket or some other online repository with code examples from your own projects)

- testing (TDD, unit testing ...), bonus: knowledge and experience with front-end testing

 - basic knowledge of Node.JS runtime environment

-experience with Angular framework is a big plus

-understanding the fundaments of and experience in setting up and maintaining web server technologies (Linux, Apache, …) is a plus

-experience with Elasticsearch search engine is a plus

-knowledge of other programming language(s) is a plus

-experience with the following is considered as advantage (but it’s nothing you can’t learn, right?):

  • contact centre (Avaya)
  • customer support
  • 24/7 business environments


Soft skills:

- highly motivated


- creative and resourceful

- finds resolutions for every problem

- finds out when doesn’t know

- when stuck, comes out more knowledgeable

- constructive and patient

- proactive, seeks challenges

- good listener

- able to learn and adapt

- focused, with attention to detail

- well spoken (Croatian and English)

- open-minded

- team player

- ready to be on-call


- unique multilingual and multicultural environment

- friendly team

- daily fresh fruit

- in-house-pet (the cat- Djuro :))

Apply via :

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During August 2018, experts from Cro Cert carried out both an off-site audit of our documentation and an extensive on-site audit of tango’s processes, lasting two days.

We’re happy to announce that we satisfied their strict criteria and have received certification for all three standards!

The project – implementing an Integrated Management System covering both Quality and Information Security in the provision of Customer Contact Centre and Voiceover services – began in Q3 2017 and was carried out with the constant support of our management and a dedicated team of internal auditors.

Achieving certification for all three standards in one fell swoop shows that tango’s investment of effort, resources, and dedication was indeed justified.

Furthermore, tango appears to be among the first Customer Contact Centres in Europe certified according to the new ISO 18295-1:2017.

That said, this is but a starting point for tango. We believe in ISO’s methodology, and aim to improve our performance on all fronts, year in year out.


After retiring 27 old-school mobiles, we found ourselves looking for a new purpose for them that did not end in a recycling centre.

One of our colleagues suggested to donate them to a women’s shelter, as even such “antiques” can provide a sense of security to women in an emergency situation.

Out of around 20 shelters in Croatia, we chose “Adela” in Sisak. We cleaned the phones, boxed them up nicely, and our very own Tina hand-delivered them to the shelter’s manager Senka Filipović, who has been working for the organisation for a long time, and currently cares for 25 women in a fully occupied house.

Ms Filipović has extended her thanks to tango, and assured us that the phones will be put to good use by themselves and, most importantly, their guests in need.

We wish Ms Filipović and her charges the best of luck and, hopefully, a reduced workload in the future.

If you wish to know more about the shelter itself, please visit their website:


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