After retiring 27 old-school mobiles, we found ourselves looking for a new purpose for them that did not end in a recycling centre.

One of our colleagues suggested to donate them to a women’s shelter, as even such “antiques” can provide a sense of security to women in an emergency situation.

Out of around 20 shelters in Croatia, we chose “Adela” in Sisak. We cleaned the phones, boxed them up nicely, and our very own Tina hand-delivered them to the shelter’s manager Senka Filipović, who has been working for the organisation for a long time, and currently cares for 25 women in a fully occupied house.

Ms Filipović has extended her thanks to tango, and assured us that the phones will be put to good use by themselves and, most importantly, their guests in need.

We wish Ms Filipović and her charges the best of luck and, hopefully, a reduced workload in the future.

If you wish to know more about the shelter itself, please visit their website:


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